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How to make local listeners care about your story

If you’ve ever wondered if your listeners were hanging on every word of your story or podcast, we now have some hints. Data from NPR One provides a rare glimpse into how people listen. This is the sort of data podcasters have been begging for from Apple (and they’re finally getting it). But at NPR,

How to hook your podcast audience

As more and more people create podcasts, there’s a lot of competition for listeners’ ears. But there’s a reason so many public radio producers are finding success in the podcasting space — we know how to tell a good story! Platforms like NPR One also help provide clues and recommendations for how you can hook your

7 things we learned about our audience from the Iowa caucuses

Dan Frohlich is a digital metrics analyst at NPR Monday’s Iowa caucuses resulted in record voter turnout (at least on the Republican side), but did that translate into increases in audience listening, web traffic, or social media engagement? In many cases the answer was most definitely “Yes!” had 80 percent more users than the last Iowa

Acting on analytics: Using data to make editorial decisions

If you publish to a website, you probably have access to some sort of analytics dashboard where you can see which posts are performing well — and which ones aren’t. But what actions can you take with that information? This document will help you use metrics data to make informed editorial decisions. (Print it out!)

A review of basic analytics terms for understanding digital audiences

Teresa Gorman is a former member of the NPR Training Team.  When someone reads or listens to our stories, we use a few different methods to keep track of them. These metrics are the baseline for what we measure when we look at our audience. We do this with Google Analytics, which is a good