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Making & Finding Images

How to hire an editorial illustrator

An example of editorial illustration by NPR’s LA Johnson. Originally published with this story.  Chris Kindred interned with the NPR Training Team and is an illustrator for hire. The internet is a very visual place. It goes without saying that if you want your story to stand out, it needs a strong photo or illustration of some kind. But Continue Reading >

These are NPR’s photo caption guidelines

Stephanie Federico is an NPR home page editor. Follow her on Twitter at @steph_federico Captions are journalism, too. They should be fact-checked and typo-checked. They should be complete sentences that present the who, what, where, when and (sometimes) why without necessarily stating the obvious (i.e., he sits, she waves, they clap). Captions give photos context, telling Continue Reading >

A handy guide to making awesome photos

Kainaz Amaria is the former Supervising Editor for NPR Visuals. Follow her on Twitter @kainazamaria Visual storytelling is really vital to reach a wider audience. It’s how more and more people are communicating. This post will guide you through the most important elements of it. PHOTOGRAPHY IS A LANGUAGE What do I mean by this? There Continue Reading >

A guide to making better images with your iPhone

When using your smartphone (or even some fancier point-and-shoot cameras), here are a couple quick notes to keep in mind from the start: If you’re using your phone, using the in-device native camera is a great option! Don’t use Instagram/Hipstamatic or other programs that add filters — it’s far better to have the flexibility to Continue Reading >

How to make photos and radio at the same time

Frank Langfitt is NPR’s international correspondent based in Shanghai. He put together an excellent photo essay about accompanying a couple to their wedding in rural China (also available in Mandarin). To do a good photo essay – while you’re also doing a radio piece – requires lateral thinking on the fly. In addition to thinking through questions Continue Reading >

Open copyright: How to find images, music and audio

Jane Gilvin is a Data & Search Strategist at NPR. Have you heard of openly copyrighted materials and wondered if they are something you can use? This post provides a basic introduction to what open copyright is, and what photograph, music and other audio resources are available to you. The organization Creative Commons (CC) offers copyright licenses with Continue Reading >

So you wanna tell a visual story … where do you begin?

Claire O’Neill is a producer/editor for NPR Visuals. Follow her on Twitter @oneillclaire  So you wanna tell a “visual story.” Should you take a photo? Curate a photo gallery? Make a GIF? Edit a video? Illustrate it? Animate it? Put a map on it? It’s hard to know when to what! Pro-Tip #1: Know the difference between Continue Reading >

5 tips for making better images

Becky Lettenberger is multimedia producer a for NPR Visuals. Follow her on Twitter @blettenberger 1. Drop the mic! Often times your best tape is also happening at the best visual moment. Luckily, your story will benefit if you’ve captured that moment in audio or images, but if you’re juggling your mic and your camera you might miss the moment Continue Reading >

Tips for making storytelling portraits (it’s not just a headshot)

Ariel Zambelich is a photo editor for NPR Visuals. Follow her on Twitter @azambelich. Former NPR intern Emily Jan co-wrote this post. Here’s the situation. You’re out in the field reporting a killer story and you’re meeting interesting people that aren’t necessarily in the public eye. You’re thinking about how your radio story could be presented online, Continue Reading >

How to find great pictures for your stories

By Ariel Zambelich When it comes to stories on the web, strong photos can really help your story resonate with your audience. Just like putting together a radio story or written narrative, there can be a lot of things to consider to help make your visuals sing, so here’s a quick reference guide on when Continue Reading >