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How to write short

Hannah Bloch is a digital editor for international news at NPR.  Short writing may not seem like a natural goal for journalism on the web. It’s easy to assume there’s infinite space to fill up, and if we’ve done all the reporting and have tons of material, well, why not? But just because there’s a Continue Reading >

You made good radio — now make good internet

This post was written as a companion guide to a session at the 2016 Audio Storytelling Workshop in Washington, D.C. You’re probably here because you’re about to embark on a new, exciting audio storytelling project. Whether it’s a radio series or podcast, you likely have hours of recording, writing and editing ahead of you. But Continue Reading >

What it looks like when a radio story shines on the internet

Greg Myre is the International editor for Follow him on Twitter at @gregmyre1 Radio stories and text or visual stories are very different. Different formats. Different audiences. Different techniques. That’s why a strong audio piece often does not translate into something that works well for the Internet. People don’t like to read radio scripts that are Continue Reading >

Digital inspiration for the stressed out public radio reporter

Teresa Gorman is a former member of the NPR Training Team. Question: For small (or understaffed) stations, has it been worth trying to get reporters to produce stories for both radio and web/mobile platforms, or is it better to focus a reporter on one medium? This question has one clear answer – reporters should handle Continue Reading >

5 principles of web writing

Teresa Gorman is a former member of the NPR Training Team.  Online and radio audiences take in our stories in different ways. Because of this, sometimes you will want to “webify” or rewrite a radio piece for the web. We don’t recommend doing this for every radio story. In fact, we often suggest writing a web post first Continue Reading >