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5 things to do when programming Facebook

This post was originally published on Curios, NPR’s social media desk blog.   Media organizations, repeat after me: Facebook is not made for you. It may adapt somewhat to your presence, but ultimately it’s made for the 1 billion-plus people who are having a conversation on it. If you’re lucky, your story might sometimes be Continue Reading >

Unleash the trainer within! (We couldn’t resist … )

Journalism coaches, professors and trainers — this one’s for you! As the new year begins, we thought we would share a few of our favorite guides aimed at helping you teach and inspire others: Plan your editorial project (with many sticky notes): Have you resolved to be more deliberate in your project or coverage planning Continue Reading >

Your next great idea might be hiding in this list

Liz Danzico is creative director for NPR, where she oversees design and user experience. She’s always looking at new ways to inform what we do. Ideas come from unexpected places. That’s why when I was recently asked to put together a “reading list” to share with station representatives for a conference, I was excited to curate a Continue Reading >

What improv lessons taught us about live video

Claire O’Neill is an editor on NPR’s Visuals team.  We’ve been doing a lot of live video on Facebook lately (upwards of 80 a month). Folks in the newsroom have embraced it and we’ve had fun playing with different formats and approaches. Still, with this new form comes a completely new set of challenges for even Continue Reading >

A blueprint for planning audio projects

This post was written as a companion guide to a session at the 2016 Audio Storytelling Workshop in Washington, D.C. It was written by Alison MacAdam, Michael May, Kasia Podbielski, Serri Graslie, Rob Byers and Eric Athas So you have an idea for an audio project — a radio feature, a series, a podcast or something Continue Reading >

Plan your editorial project in 13 steps (and with lots of sticky notes)

Sometimes project planning gets silly. In this photo, Carmel Wroth, who runs Side Effects Public Media, becomes one with the stickies. (Photo by Michelle Faust) So you’ve decided to launch a new project — a vertical, a series, or something else. What happens next is usually a flurry of questions. Where do we start? What should we cover? What Continue Reading >

9 types of local stories that people like to share

Note: This post was co-written in 2012 by Teresa Gorman, a former member of the NPR Training team. It was originally published in Nieman Lab.  When you come across a story about your town, city or state, what makes you want to share it? We conducted an experiment using local stories from NPR member stations on Facebook to find Continue Reading >

Acting on analytics: Using data to make editorial decisions

If you publish to a website, you probably have access to some sort of analytics dashboard where you can see which posts are performing well — and which ones aren’t. But what actions can you take with that information? This document will help you use metrics data to make informed editorial decisions. (Print it out!) Continue Reading >