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12 teams selected for the NPR Audio Storytelling Workshop

In June, NPR will host the first-ever Audio Storytelling Workshop (#nprasw), where public media creators will bring their ideas to D.C. for three days of planning, training and collaborating.

In partnership with AIR, we invited member station staff and independent producers to pitch audio storytelling ideas that break traditional formats and reach new audiences.

The creative minds of public media delivered.

We received more than 100 applications from all corners of America (and beyond). Over the course of a month, a committee of 20 judges — including the NPR Editorial Training team, NPR’s Story Lab, NPR journalists, AIR and independent producers — carefully read each application. It was a challenging process — the pure volume of good ideas was astounding — and we had to say no to many terrific projects.

After much evaluation and debate, we are thrilled to announce the 12 teams we’ve selected to participate in the workshop.

Indie producer teams

Pita Juarez, Carla Chavarria and Dominique Medina (Arizona)

A podcast by Latino millennials that speaks to the issues of their generation.

Kelly Jones, Claire Tacon and Chioke I’Anson (Charlottesville, Virginia and Ontario, Canada)

A podcast that explores people’s life choices — and what could have happened to them if they’d gone down a different path.

Member station teams

KERA (Dallas, Texas)

A podcast that explores the medicines millions of people take but know very little about.

Team: Lauren Silverman (Health, Science & Tech Reporter) and Seema Yasmin (staff writer at The Dallas Morning News and former disease detective with the CDC)

WAMU (Washington, D.C.)

A fresh take on a public radio staple: a podcast rounding up the week’s news, taking listeners beyond the beltway with diverse and unexpected voices and topics.

Team: Alexandra Botti (Senior Producer, The Diane Rehm Show), Rebecca Kaufman (Senior Producer, The Diane Rehm Show) and Gracie McKenzie (Digital Producer, The Diane Rehm Show)

KALW (San Francisco)

A podcast where race, identity, fun, funk and journalism come together to go deep into issues about black identity that aren’t always openly discussed

Team: Leila Day (Producer/Reporter), Hana Baba (Producer/Reporter) and Julie Caine (Editor)

WLRN (Miami, Florida)

A multimedia reporting project about the mental health implications of gun violence against young people in Miami.

Team: Nadege Green (Reporter/Producer), Sammy Mack (Reporter/Producer) and Alicia Zuckerman (Editorial Director)

KPCC (Southern California)

A podcast about the Asian American experience, told through Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley.

Team: Fiona Ng (Producer), Josie Huang (Senior Reporter) and Lauren Osen (Senior Producer)

Wyoming Public Media and Utah Public Radio

A radio series about the gender parity problem in state legislatures — told from states that rank close to last in percentage of female legislators.

Team: Caroline Mary Ballard (Reporter/Host, Wyoming Public Media) and Jennifer Pemberton (Reporter/Host, Utah Public Radio)

Alaska Public Media 

A podcast about Alaska, produced in collaboration with the state’s network of station newsrooms.

Team: Zachariah Hughes (reporter, producer, and podcast co-host), Emily Kwong (reporter, producer, podcast co-host) and Ben Matheson (reporter, data and web producer)

KYUK Public Radio (Bethel, Alaska)

Radio stories about the conflict between the world’s largest proposed gold mine and Alaska natives.

Team: Anna Rose MacArthur (English Language News Reporter) and Adrian Wagner (English Language News Reporter)

KUT (Austin, Texas)

Audio stories from a pop-up bureau in a rapidly changing Austin neighborhood.

Team: Matt Largey (Managing Editor), Audrey McGlinchy (Reporter) and Syeda Hasan (Reporter)

West Virginia Public Broadcasting

An audio project about the shrinking population in West Virginia and the residents who are deciding to stay or go.

Team: Roxy Todd (Reporter and Producer for Inside Appalachia), Glynis Board (Reporter) and Crystal Collins (Digital Editor/Producer)

Thank you to all who applied. And a special thanks to our judges. From NPR: Izzi Smith (Director of Programming), Sara Sarasohn (NPR One Editorial Lead), Luis Clemens (Senior Editor for Diversity), Doug Mitchell (Next Generation Radio Leader), Becky Lettenberger (Visuals team Project Manager), Jacob Conrad (Supervising Editor for Morning Edition), Kat Chow (Digital Reporter, Code Switch), Jason DeRose (Western Bureau Chief for NPR News), Debbie Elliott (Correspondent). Also Rebecca Feldhaus Adams (Talent Director at AIR), Rekha Murthy (radio and podcast consultant), Jeff Emtman (producer and creator of the “Here Be Monsters” podcast) and Dmae Roberts (public radio producer).

We’ll keep you posted on the projects as they develop during and after the workshop.

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