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12 projects shaped at the Audio Storytelling Workshop


On June 1-3, 12 public radio teams descended on NPR HQ for the inaugural NPR Audio Storytelling Workshop (#nprasw). The teams took part in three days of brainstorming, training, planning and networking. At the end of the workshop, each team presented before an NPR audience.

Below are the teams and their projects.


A podcast about how the drugs we take change our bodies and our world.
Lauren Silverman, co-host, KERA
Seema Yasmin, co-host, Dallas Morning News

Do Over

A podcast about your alternate timeline.
Kelly Jones, co-host
Chioke I’Anson, co-host
Claire Tacon, producer


A podcast exploring the human story from the wilds of Alaska.
Zachariah Hughes, co-host, Alaska Public Media
Emily Kwong, co-host Alaska Public Media
Ben Matheson, digital producer, independent producer

Austin pop-up bureau

Dispatches from KUT’s new bureau: Austin’s notorious — but rapidly changing — drug corners.
Matt Largey, managing editor, KUT
Audrey McGlinchy, reporter, KUT
Syeda Hasan, reporter, KUT

Shoes Off

A podcast from Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley — the new Asian America.
Lauren Osen, co-host, KPCC
Josie Huang, co-host, KPCC
Fiona Ng, producer, KPCC

Golden Promise

A radio series about conflict between the world’s largest proposed gold mine and Alaska natives.
Anna Rose MacArthur, english language news reporter, KYUK
Adrian Wagner, english language news reporter, KYUK

The Stoop

Stories about black identity that aren’t always shared in the open. It’s like a griot, newsroom, hair salon and your mama’s kitchen all in one.
Leila Day, co-host, KALW
Hana Baba, co-host, KALW
Julie Caine, editor, KALW

Mira, Listen

A bilingual podcast about politics, cultura, comida and everything in between.
Pita Juarez, executive producer and host
Carla Chavarria, producer and co-host
Dominique Medina, producer

Casual Friday

A weekly news podcast spinning off from The Diane Rehm Show‘s “Friday News Roundup.”
Alex Botti, senior producer, The Diane Rehm Show
Becca Kaufman, senior producer, The Diane Rehm Show
Gracie McKenzie, digital producer, The Diane Rehm Show

Gun violence in Miami

A series about how the Miami community copes with the trauma of youth gun violence.
Nadege Green, reporter/producer, WLRN
Sammy Mack, reporter/producer, WLRN
Alicia Zuckerman, Editorial Director, WLRN

How women aren’t winning the West

Western women got the right to vote almost 150 years ago, so why do they still lag in political power? Two stations investigate gender parity in state politics through a series of surprising election year stories.
Caroline Mary Ballard, reporter/host, Wyoming Public Media
Jennifer Pemberton, reporter/host, Utah Public Radio

Leaving (or staying in) West Virginia

A radio series that follows five West Virginians who are determined to stay in the state — or leave.
Roxy Todd, reporter and producer for Inside Appalachia
Glynis Board, reporter, West Virginia Public Broadcasting
Crystal Collins, digital editor/producer, West Virginia Public Broadcasting