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Elise Hu's media habits

Elise HuWe asked Elise Hu, NPR International Correspondent, Seoul, South Korea, about her media habits: “what – and who – are you paying attention to?”

What’s been good on the Internet recently?
In two words? Old people. Flossie Dickey’s 110th birthday party, and the 106-year-old who visited the White House for the first time.

What are you listening to/watching these days?
Ooof, this is embarrassing, but not much. I work from home so I have no commute, which means if I listen to anything I really have to MAKE myself listen. My favorite podcast, Grantland’s Hollywood Prospectus, has now become a Channel 33 podcast called ’The Watch,’ after Grantland’s (tragic) demise. I listen to that on the rare occasion I exercise.

I’m watching Showtime’s new political docuseries, The Circus. I am on the opposite side of the globe and clock from the U.S., so I miss all the nanosecond-long news cycles in American media. The Circus steps back and gives me the presidential race narrative in the only content I really need, which is a once-weekly show.

Fav people to follow (online)?
Tweeters: Anil Dash (on general stuff/everything), Jonathan Cheng (on Korea/Asia), Heidi Moore (business/everything)
Instagram: Chriselle Lim for style/lifestyle/beauty, Drew Kelly, for Pyongyang pics
Snapchat: My friend Amir Eskafyan is my ultimate favorite follow, amirge on Snapchat
Blogger: Matt Mullenweg WordPress founder, who is back to blogging on his personal blog consistently and shares thoughtful links/stuff to read.

Photo Credit: Jake Holt

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