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Hanna Rosin's media habits

We asked Hanna Rosin, the new co-host of Invisibilia, about her media habits: “what – and who – are you paying attention to?”


What’s been good on the internet recently?
I just keep reading the back and forth about Gay Talese’s New Yorker story, “The Voyeur’s Motel.” In truth I just want to read the story over and over because it’s insanely interesting but instead I am reading about the story – why Talese is racist and sexist and an accomplice to murder. Also this essay in lithub on illness and open marriage by Melissa Broder because I read all essays on open marriage although none of them get me any closer to understanding the concept.

Whatcha listening to these days?
Pretty much exclusively Two Dope Queens, the new WNYC podcast hosted by Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. I walk to work from the metro very slowly so I can finish the episode, and then I wish I hadn’t because there aren’t that many episodes yet. Alix (Spiegel) says it’s like an alternative universe where two women control the stand up space. It is so funny.

Fav people to follow (online)
I only follow my husband on twitter. Because I want to be like Kanye. Also Megan Amram. Is Clickhole a person? I love Jason Kottke. Tracee Ellis Rose has such a beautiful instagram.

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