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Rob Byers's media habits

We asked Rob Byers, Production Specialist, about his media habits: “what – and who – are you paying attention to?”

We’re so happy that Rob has joined the team. In his new role, Rob gets to focus on something at the core of public radio craft – high quality sound.

Rob joins us after eight years at Minnesota Public Radio | American Public Media. And before MPR |APM, he was an audio engineer at NPR. 

Here are a few reasons you many recognize Rob’s name: He wrote this Transom piece about loudness, he’s been a guest on “The Pub” podcast, he mixes the Criminal podcast, he’s written an AIR series called ” Ask the Engineer.

Say hello to Rob on Twitter: @robbyers1.

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What’s been good on the internet recently?
NPR One.  My previous commute in Minneapolis was by car or bike, and now that I’m in DC it’s mostly by foot.  As a result, my listening habits have changed pretty dramatically and is primarily via NPR One.  I’m a big fan, especially because it is wrapping in longer podcasts and does a good job of buffering audio for the metro tunnels.

Also this.  More of this, please, internet.

Whatcha listening to these days?
There’s so much content out there!

Sound Matters from Danish producer Tim Hinman recently caught my attention.  He has a wonderful way of focusing your ears for twenty minutes and making you listen.  NPR’sEmbedded is doing wonderful work.  Anne Heppermann and Martin Johnson are doing some really interesting storytelling with Serendipity.  They wrap their own on-going story around a featured piece of audio fiction, and the sound design is often very, very good.Love+Radio, in a similar way, is frequently powerful and well-told. Only Human andCriminal are also in the regular rotation, and Re:Sound is the way I keep up with some of the best productions in the audio world.  Also, I have to admit, Radiohead’s new album “A Moon Shaped Pool” has been on repeat since the day it came out.

Fav people to follow (online)
Nick Quah – everyone’s favorite podcast pundit.  I look forward to his Hot Pod newsletter each week.  And the GIFs.

Werner Twertzog – needs no explanation.

Mukhtar Ibrahim – A reporter w/ Minnesota Public Radio doing a wonderful job covering the Minneapolis ISIS Recruitment trial and the impact on the Somali community.

Bec Feldhaus Adams and Betsy O’Donovan – this incredibly talented and witty duo is part of the great team over at AIR.  It’s always fun to catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the work they do to support independent radio producers.

Photo credit: Serri Graslie/NPR

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