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Andi McDaniel's media habits

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We asked Andi McDaniel, senior director of content and news at WAMUabout her media habits: “what – and who – are you paying attention to?”

What’s been good on the internet recently?
My favorite internetty things lately are not “on” the internet at all— they’re integrated into my life in clever and seamless little ways. Like Amazon Dash buttons(!), which make busy weekdays in a congested city doable (Out of soap? Press the soap button!). Also, do apps count? Because I’m newly intrigued by Streaks, a new app that gamifies good habits. In content-land, I’ve always got my eyes on Nieman Lab, Netted, The Atlantic, and the newer, Washington Post app (the one designed for those pesky Millennials). And I’m grateful every day for NYT Now app, with its “daily briefing.”

Whatcha listening to these days?
I listen to my own station, WAMU, all day long, so when I’m not at work, sometimes I crave music rather than talk. But when I’m podcast-hungry, it’s usually On The Media, The Moth podcast, or a16z, which keeps me current on tech. Of course I’m never short on podcast inspiration, thanks to our own show The Big Listen, which is always chock full of recommendations ((end shameless plug)).

Fav people to follow (online):
I’m new to DC, so these days I’m following a lot of smart creative folks on Instagram who have great visual perspectives on this city—current favorites are @gokateshoot @acreativeDC @mrdanzak and @brightestyoungthings. A few fun visual follows not connected to DC are @katyanngilmore @dschwen and @joncarling.

photo credit: Shane Guiter

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