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Webinar: The journey from print to radio storytelling

How is a radio news story different from a print story? It’s all journalism, but the principles and execution are different; sometimes, in head-scratching ways.

Many people in public radio and podcasting make the transition from print journalism. Morning Edition co-host David Greene is one of them, and he’s honest about how hard it can be to adjust to telling stories with sound. After many years as a Baltimore Sun reporter, David says he had to be “willing to learn [a] new art form.”

In the webinar below, David and NPR Training’s Alison MacAdam share tips for making that transition — both for journalists in the midst of it and the coaches and editors helping them do it.

This webinar is based on the NPR Training post, The journey from print to radio storytelling: A guide for navigating a new landscape and David’s partner piece, How NPR’s David Greene learned a new ‘art form’ in radio.

Alison MacAdam was a Senior Editorial Specialist with the NPR Training team, where she focused on audio storytelling. Prior to that, she edited All Things Considered.