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Want to make journalism better? The NPR Training team is hiring

We have the tools, we’re just missing you. (Deborah Lee/NPR)

The NPR Training team is growing and changing, and we’re looking for people who think growth and change are exciting. We are hiring three people, expanding our reach in search of new ways to serve journalists at NPR and Member stations. We need innovative professionals who are passionate about teaching, never stop learning, and love working as a member of a team.

Who we are

The training team is a key part of the NPR newsroom, based in Washington, D.C. We equip public media journalists with the skills to tell distinctive, memorable, audience-centric stories. Our mission is to elevate the quality of journalism, wherever it reaches people.

We are a creative, enterprising team that thrives on individual expertise and a collaborative spirit. We focus on audio and digital storytelling, editing, audio production, design thinking, diversity, leadership and more. We are dedicated to creating a culture of journalistic excellence through reflection, experimentation and continuous learning.

What we are looking for

  • Audience & Digital Content Specialist: An experienced journalist who is passionate about exploring the many places where audiences and content intersect. We are looking for someone who is a strong editor and content strategist, loves creating things and delights in leading other journalists to breakthrough moments.
  • Reporting & Writing Specialist: An accomplished journalist who loves talking about what makes great reporting and writing, particularly on digital platforms; someone who will find creative ways to guide learning; informed by experience but always looking for innovative news-gathering techniques. (This position is no longer accepting applications.)
  • Audio Production Specialist: An experienced audio producer with a journalist’s mind, an engineer’s ear, and a teacher’s heart; someone who knows great sound when they hear it and can help others understand how it got that way. (This position is no longer accepting applications.)
  • Audio Storytelling Specialist: A skilled editor, producer or reporter who gets excited about story structure, the craft of editing and the endless search for “good tape,” and finds creative ways to break down that knowledge and communicate it to others. (This position is no longer accepting applications.)

What we do

Our team works with journalists of all levels, from interns to international correspondents. Today, we might be organizing a newsroom conversation about sourcing or coaching a team on an editorial project. Tomorrow we could be running workshops for journalists in Anchorage or Boston. Sometimes, being all over the map is a good thing! 🙂

We share much of our work on this site ( and through our newsletter. Some of our posts are short and sweet while others are deep dives into core topics, like these:

The ear training guide for audio producers

The journey from print to radio storytelling: A guide for navigating a new landscape

A blueprint for planning storytelling projects

Why you should apply

When you work on the Training team, you have the opportunity to be a thought leader in your field and tackle some of the most essential questions in our industry. As an experienced journalist, this is your moment to give back and share knowledge. You will have the chance to push public media in innovative directions and support some of the best work in journalism.

Come join us!

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Keith Woods is NPR's Chief Diversity Officer.