Sit right and don't forget to move: an ergonomics guide

Even if you’ve upgraded to a grown-up office chair, if your setup’s not ergonomically sound, you might as well be working from an unraveling wicker porch swing or atop a wobbly heap of Amazon boxes. NPR’s guide will help you straighten out that Quasimodic workday hunch.

We also recommend taking Herman Miller’s Work from Home Ergonomic Assessment quiz for a satisfying score-giving experience that will cheerfully point out the deficiencies of your workspace. (Miraculously, an attempt to get you to buy an $1,400 Aeron chair is absent.)

And don’t forget to move — if only to prevent someone from reminding you AGAIN that “sitting is the new smoking.”

Want to print a prettier version of this? Grab the PDF.





LA Johnson is an art director and illustrator at NPR.