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Storytelling tips and best practices

Holly J. Morris

is the NPR Training team's Digital Storytelling Specialist. 

Triage your fact-checking: a method (and board game)

To help you think about journalistic accuracy on a deadline, we’ve developed a fact-checking triage method.

If you do holiday service journalism, do this (not that)

It’s the time of year when few local and regional news outlets (including public radio) are spared consumer-oriented, holiday-centric journalism. Here’s how to do it as best as it can be done.

A not-so-secret recipe for display and SEO headlines

Add these to your digital cookbook.

Should you write a question headline? It depends …

There are right ways and wrong ways to write question headlines. Right?

Friends don’t let friends use snowclones (like this one)

You’re probably using these ubiquitous journalistic crutches without even knowing it.

5 techniques to spell any name correctly, every time

Save yourself from embarrassing misspellings of proper nouns with these tips.