Rob Byers

was a Production Specialist with the NPR Training team, where he focused on audio engineering.

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This step-by-step guide shows a straightforward method for mixing audio stories, podcasts and more.

The producer’s handbook to mixing audio stories

Whether you’re making a podcast or audio documentary, this in-depth guide will help you improve the quality of your mixes.

What’s in your bag, Gregory Warner?

For this month’s What’s In Your Bag we reached out to Gregory Warner, host of the new NPR podcast Rough Translation.

What’s in your bag, Corey Schreppel?

Corey Schreppel has been an audio engineer for the last 15 years — these are his go-to tools.

Get great sound every time with this field recording checklist

You return from a long day reporting in the field — only to realize you didn’t record ambience. Rats! This post will help ensure that you get the sound you need to tell great stories.

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What this reporter took to record aboard a fishing boat in Alaska.

Audio production FAQ: Headphones, levels, mics and more

Our readers have lots of questions about audio production. Find answers here about headphones, levels, microphones and more.

What’s in your bag, Tim Nelson?

This incredibly large and extensive kit allows Tim to be ready for most any situation the news can throw at him.

What’s in your bag, Amanda Aronczyk?

What WNYC’s Amanda Aronczyk took with her to cover the presidential inauguration and women’s march in Washington, D.C.

The ear training guide for audio producers

This post will help you identify problematic audio, prevent the most common issues and recognize when it’s time to call for help.

Do you have the ears of an audio producer?

Being an audio editing wizard is not enough to tell great stories. You also need to have highly “trained ears.

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There are many ways audio can go wrong. Can you still use it in your story? This basic criteria will you decide.

What’s in your bag, Leigh Paterson?

What this reporter takes to report in Wyoming and Colorado, “besides a big ugly coat.

Which mic do they use? (Mics part 2)

Liz Jones (@KUOWLiz), a reporter with KUOW, contacted us with an idea after the Which Mic Should I Use? post published.

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This document guides you through questions that will prepare your project for a smooth workflow.

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“Which mic?” is one of the most common questions about field recording — and making a decision can be confusing.