Serri Graslie

was the Senior Digital Strategist on the NPR Training team.

A blueprint for planning storytelling projects

Fill this out when you’re getting started, for focus throughout the creative process.

10 teams selected for 2018 Story Lab Workshop

Teams will work on their projects with NPR mentors while attending sessions designed to foster innovation and excellence in journalism and storytelling.

An introduction to Snapchat

This guide will walk you through creating your first Snap and your Snapchat story.

You made good radio — now make good internet

Learn effective, low-lift ways to tell your stories online (without the dreaded “webifying”).

Want to start a newsletter? Read this first

A newsletter could be the first step to turning a casual listener into a super fan.

Get a Twitter habit: 5 things to do every day until it sticks

The hardest part to becoming a Twitter regular is developing the habit of using it. Stop making excuses.

Use targeted search terms to unearth sources on social

Combine Twitter, reddit, Facebook and Instagram to locate sources when news breaks.

How to find sources on Twitter: An exercise

Learn how to create Twitter lists of relevant people to follow, find eyewitnesses and locate Tweeters.

Find stories and sources on Reddit, Instagram

if you’re looking for more sources and tips, consider peeking at reddit and Instagram.

6 ways to use social callouts

One way to bring people into your reporting is through social callouts — asking the wider world to share their stories, photos and thoughts.

Acting on analytics: Using data to make editorial decisions

This document will help you use metrics data to make informed editorial decisions.