Trainingpalooza 2020: The Learnings

Here are all the materials we collected from NPR’s inaugural Trainingpalooza, held Jan. 29-31, 2020. Look for us again next year! Skills and Techniques   |   Theory and Craft   |   Staff Development   |   Life Improvement Agile: What Does That Word Really Mean? Join an Agilist for a conversation on what Agile means and what (in her

Trainingpalooza 2020

Skills and Techniques   |   Theory and Craft   |   Staff Development   |   Life Improvement Wednesday, Jan. 29 10:00-10:30 a.m. ET Kickoff! In her keynote, NPR’s Noelle Silver builds on Trainingpalooza’s theme — that everyone has something to teach — by discussing the important sub-theme “everyone has something to learn, too!” We can use the ups and downs

The guide depot

Here are some guides! You can also get them from the IRL Guide Depot (though not the video, obvs). Or request your very own stack from Accuracy Accuracy checklist: A classic of the genre. Field recording Field recording checklist: The title says it all. Prints two per page. Headlines Headline recipe card: SEO on

A brief intro to Seamus

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