Voice Coaching

Voice Coaching sessions with Jessica Hansen are typically a series of 5 sessions, 1 hour each, weekly. During these sessions, Jessica will craft and teach you exercises and techniques specific to your voice and your needs. These sessions are 1-on-1 and include a session in the studio to work with applying the techniques to tracking sessions. After you sign up below, Jessica will be in touch to schedule your first session. Note: Your supervisor must sign off on the time commitment needed to attend each of the 5 sessions, and you must be NPR staff.

Voice Coaching CAN help you:

  • Increase range, flexibility, expressiveness
  • Add resonance, tone, and warmth
  • Expand or specify your sound, including accessibility
  • Work with rhythm and cadence, avoiding sing-song reads
  • Build and keep energy throughout sentences and reads
  • Optimize healthy vocal tone
  • Improve articulation

 What it isn’t:

  • Writing assistance
  • Journalism: help crafting a story or two-ways
  • The domain of an ENT: reducing or eradicating a lisp or other speech issue
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