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How to create a Facebook page for yourself

Teresa Gorman is a former member of the NPR Training Team.

Want to create a Facebook page for yourself?

Watch this video. Don’t want to watch the video? Follow the steps as written out below.

The steps

1. Sign into Facebook

2. Go to

3. Click on Artist, Band or Public Figure

Create a Facebook page

4. Click on Journalist.

Select journalist

5. Write in the name you want to have. If your name is taken, try to add on journalist, or official at the end.

Select a name for your page

6. Click “I Agree to Facebook Page Terms” and then click on Get Started

7. Write a one or two-line description of what you do here, in the first person.

Don’t be afraid to include some personality. Here are some examples:

Ari Shapiro: NPR International Correspondent. Also, occasional guest-singer with the band Pink Martini.

Eleanor Beardsley: I am a journalist for National Public Radio based in Paris. I also travel in Europe and North Africa. I love to observe people and visit new places.

Deborah Amos: I am an international correspondent for NPR. I will be posting my stories and stories i think are important. Also follow me on twitter: @deborahamos

Jeff Brady: NPR correspondent covering energy and the Mid-Atlantic region. Based in Philadelphia

8. For your website, you can include whatever you want. If you are a producer, editor, or director, you might want to use your show’s page or If you have an NPR Bio, you might want to use that or the page with your archive of stories.

9. Click yes to “Is NAME a real celebrity or famous person” and “Will NAME be the authorized and official representation of this person?” questions. Save Info.

10. Upload a picture from your computer for your profile photo.. You can use your headshot or anything that shows your face clearly.

11. Click next. Facebook will ask if you want to add this page to your favorites. Say yes.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 3.55.34 PM

12. You will then skip the next page that asks you promote your page

13. You are almost done. We just need to make sure only you can post to your page. Click on Settings.

You will see this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.14.54 PM

Click on Posting Ability and make sure BOTH BOXES are unchecked. Then press CLICK TO SAVE CHANGES. Now click on Post Visibility and make sure it says “Hide Posts by others on my Page timeline.”

Your page is now ready to go. You can add a cover image, invite friends to like it and start posting.

For tips on what to post to Facebook, click here.

Original instructions by Melody Kramer