COVID-19 Sources
Published April 18, 2021

The source database below contains experts from racially or ethnically underrepresented backgrounds who can provide context and insight on the COVID-19 crisis. Each source has spoken to the media on their topic of expertise before, and most of them have spoken on the radio. Click each name card for contact information, link to their bios, links to articles they’ve been quoted in, their location, and specific areas of expertise. You can search by areas of expertise by using the filter function.

They are sorted into the following categories: virology and immunology, viral transmission and infectious disease, origin of disease, health policy, human decision-making and health behavior, medical and health care workers, mental health and COVID-19, misinformation, racial and ethnic health disparities, COVID-19 impact on special groups (ie, children, pregnant people, seniors, migrants), drug and vaccine distribution, vaccine and treatment development, and global and international health. If a source’s expertise falls under multiple categories, their name card appears under all categories applicable.

To open the database in a new tab, click here. This is a collaboration between Source of the Week and NPR’s Short Wave. For suggestions of new sources or other feedback, please email

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