David C. Kang
Published December 28, 2017
Updated April 20, 2021

David C. Kang is the Maria Crutcher Professor in International Relations and a professor of international relations, business and East Asian languages and cultures at the University of Southern California. He is director of the school’s Korean Studies Institute and Center for International Studies. Kang is broadly interested in the international relations of Asia, with his research exploring questions of economic development, security relations in the region, and the historical basis of contemporary relations. He also researches international relations in historical East Asia.

Kang’s latest book is American Grand Strategy and East Asian Security in the 21st Century (2017). He is a regular consultant for U.S. government agencies and the military, and has written opinion pieces in several publications, including the New York Times and The Washington Post.

Expertise: International relations in Asia, economic development, North Korea, China, East Asian languages

Location: Los Angeles, Calif.

Email: kangdc@usc.edu

Phone: (213) 740-4059

As Heard On PBS NewsHour: “Will South Korea’s new president change course with North Korea, U.S.?”

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