Delaram Kahrobaei
Published June 20, 2018
Updated November 10, 2021

Delaram Kahrobaei is the university dean for research at the City University of New York, tenured professor in computer science and mathematics at Queens College, and doctoral faculty in computer science at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Previously, she was chair of cybersecurity in the department of computer science at the University of York and the director of York Interdisciplinary Centre for Cyber Security. Kahrobaei is an expert on cybersecurity, cryptography, information security and data science.

She is president and co-founder of Infoshield, Inc., a startup that works on storing information in encrypted form, and chief editor of the International Journal of Computer Mathematics: Computer Systems Theory.

Expertise: Cybersecurity, cryptography, information security, data science, encryption

Location: New York, N.Y.


Twitter: @delaraum

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