Hussein Rashid
Published August 10, 2017

Hussein Rashid is the founder of islamicate, L3C- a consultancy focused on religious liberty and cultural competency. He is an expert on Shi’i justice theology, South and Central Asian studies, and Muslim and American popular culture.

Rashid is a freelance academic and has taught at Hofstra University, Fordham University, Iona College, Virginia Theological Seminary, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, SUNY Old Westbury, Barnard College, Columbia University and The New School.

Recently, he was co-editor of Ms. Marvel’s America: No Normal (2020), an essay collection about Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, the first Muslim superhero to headline her own comics series.

Expertise: Shi’i justice theology, South and Central Asian studies, Muslim and American popular culture, diversity and religion in comics, theology

Location: New York, N.Y.


Twitter: @islamoyankee 

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