Jennifer Lee
Published March 19, 2014
Updated April 16, 2021

Jennifer Lee is the Julian Clarence Levi Professor of Social Sciences at Columbia University and former president of the Eastern Sociological Society. She focuses on the intersection of immigration and race/ethnicity, as well as social inequality and Asian American studies. 

Lee’s work addresses the implications of contemporary U.S. immigration —particularly Asian immigration — on the native-born population. She has studied this from a variety of analytical lenses, including immigrant entrepreneurship and ethnic conflict, intermarriage and multiracial identification, educational opportunities and outcomes, and demographic change and affirmative action.

Her books include the award-winning The Asian American Achievement ParadoxThe Diversity ParadoxCivility in the City and Asian American Youth. 

Expertise: Immigration, children of immigrants (second-generation Americans), race/ethnicity, social inequality, Asian Americans’ education and identities, multiracial Americans and identities

Location: New York, N.Y.


Twitter: @JLeeSoc

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