Jessica L. Lavariega Monforti
Published March 22, 2016
Updated October 1, 2021

Jessica L. Lavariega Monforti is dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at California Lutheran University. She is an expert on how public policy is impacted by gender, race and ethnicity — specifically on how Latino youth are impacted by technology, the military system and immigration policy.

Monforti is the former president of the APSA Latino Caucus, an association pushing for the promotion and protection of professional development of Latina/os in political science. She is also the vice president of the kidSTREAM Children’s Museum.

A Latin American woman with shoulder length, straight brown hair smiles directly at the camera. She is wearing red lipstick, red hoop earrings, and a red collared shirt.

Pronouns: She/her

Expertise: Public policy impacts by gender, race, ethnicity, and impacts of technology, military systems and immigration policy on Latino youth

Location: Thousand Oaks, Calif.


Phone: (805) 493-3015

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