Kemi Yemi-Ese
Published July 20, 2022

Kemi Yemi-Ese is a therapist, visual artist, and disability rights advocate based in Austin, Texas. Her paintings focus on her experiences living with a disability and are inspired by her Nigerian heritage.

As a licensed professional counselor and certified rehabilitation specialist, Yemi-Ese uses expressionistic interventions and other methodologies to help clients struggling with anxiety, trauma, and thought disorders.  

In 2006, Yemi-Ese was injured in a car accident, causing her to use a wheelchair for mobility. 

Yemi-Ese holds a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Baylor University. Her master’s in clinical rehabilitation counseling is from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. 

Courtesy of Kemi Yemi-Ese

Pronouns: she/her

Expertise: Disability, counseling, anxiety, coping skills, thinking disorders, art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy

Location: Austin, Texas


Phone: (512) 522-1382

Heard on PBS: “Arts in Context”

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