king yaa
Published July 27, 2022

king yaa is an educator who focuses on the health and wellness of queer, transgender, and non-binary folks. Originally based in Cape Town, South Africa, king yaa’s work grew out of their experiences as a transmasculine genderqueer person in the health care system. 

They train health and wellness practitioners to create safer and more inclusive medical practices for queer, transgender, and gender diverse people. king yaa’s trainings cover topics such as the decolonization of traditional health practices and the collective healing and liberation of queer, transgender, and non-binary people. In addition, they can talk about the inclusivity of sex and pleasure, grief, and reproductive loss.

Their work as an advocate centers on creating more visibility around queer reproductive justice.

A Black non-binary person wearing a jean jacket and a white dress shirt

Courtesy of king yaa

Pronouns: they/them

Expertise: Queer reproductive health, health and wellness, sex and pleasure, LGBTQ+, transgender issues


Instagram: @queerbirthworker

Heard on The Intersectional Fertility Podcast: “Dancing For Our Own Pleasure”

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