Luis Zayas
Published August 23, 2014
Updated April 18, 2021

Luis Zayas is dean of the Steve Hicks School of Social Work at the University of Texas, Austin and the Robert Lee Sutherland Chair in Mental Health and Social Policy. He is also a professor of psychiatry at the Dell Medical School and president of the Society for Social Work and Research.

His work and research focus on diagnostic processes, suicide attempts of young Latinas, and adapting interventions for Latino children, youth and families. He is the author of Latinas Attempting Suicide: When Cultures, Families, and Daughters Collide (2011) and Forgotten Citizens: Deportation, Children, and the Making of American Exiles and Orphans (2015).

Expertise: Immigrant children and families; immigration detention and deportation; suicide attempts among young Latinos; child and adolescent mental health; family functioning; advocacy for asylum-seeking immigrant children and parents, and mixed-status families

Location: Austin, Texas


Phone: (512) 471-1937

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