Margaret Russell
Published November 30, 2013
Updated April 21, 2021

Margaret Russell is an associate professor of constitutional law at California’s Santa Clara University. She specializes in constitutional law, civil rights and civil liberties, as well as freedom of speech, racial equality, sexual orientation equality and the Supreme Court. She is affiliated with the University’s Center for Social Justice and Public Service, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, and the Center for Multicultural Learning.

Russell is author of The First Amendment. Freedom of Assembly and Petition: Its Constitutional History and the Contemporary Debate (2010). In 1991, she traveled to South Africa with a delegation of legal scholars to provide consultation on constitution-drafting for the post-apartheid transition.

Expertise: Constitutional law, civil rights, civil liberties, freedom of speech, racial equality, sexual orientation equality, the Supreme Court

Location: Santa Clara, Calif.


Phone: (408) 554-5234

Heard on KQED: The Forum: Affirmative Action Ban Under Scrutiny


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