Nate Easley
Published August 10, 2013

Nate Easley is the Executive Director of the Denver Scholarship Foundation, an organization that inspires and empowers Denver Public School students to enroll in and graduate from post-secondary institutions. He previously served as the president of the Denver School Board.

Easley has over 25 years of experience working alongside professionals to increase minority access to college and retention programs. His focus is on helping disadvantaged students realize their dreams of a college education and securing grant funding to sustain student programs. His own studies centered on how higher education can better support the academic success and college completion of Black and Latino students. Nate has been a guest on Colorado Public Radio.

Executive Director of the Denver Scholarship Foundation

Areas of Expertise: Education, Access to Higher Education, Academic Completion of African American and Latino Students, Scholarships and Loans, Educational Equity for Low-Income Students

Location: Denver, CO

Contact Information:

Office: (303) 951-4144

Mobile: (303) 579-4407


Heard on Colorado Public Radio:

Losing Ground: The Deficit Gap

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