Nicole Hernandez Hammer
Published July 13, 2017
Updated April 26, 2021

Nicole Hernandez Hammer is the environmental scientist at UPROSE. Her work focuses on the mobilization of the Latino community to better understand and address climate change, and she speaks across the country on climate change, environmental justice issues, and her experiences as a Guatemalan immigrant.

Previously, she served as the climate science and community advocate at the Union of Concerned Scientists and the deputy director of the Florida Center for Environmental Studies at Florida Atlantic University.

Hernandez Hammer co-authored a series of technical papers on sea level rise projections and climate change impacts and preparedness. Her research contributed to the 2014 National Climate Assessment. In 2020 she guest lectured at Yale, Harvard and Brown universities and presented at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences’ 2020 virtual series on COVID-19, climate, environment and health.

Expertise: Climate change, climate change advocacy among Latino populations

Location: Brooklyn, N.Y.


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