Nita Farahany
Published March 11, 2014
Updated February 20, 2023

Nita Farahany is the Robinson O. Everett Professor of Law at Duke University, the founding director of Duke Science & Society and principal investigator of SLAP Lab. Her book, The Battle for Your Brain (2023), focuses on the ethics of neuroscience.

Farahany is an expert on the intersection of science and ethics. In 2010, President Obama appointed her to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (she served until 2017), and she has testified before Congress on various issues related to policy and science.

Farahany is a co-editor-in-chief and co-founder of the Journal of Law and the Biosciences and on the Board of Advisors for Scientific American.

She holds an AB in genetics from Dartmouth College, a master’s in biology from Harvard University, and a J.D., master’s and Ph.D. from Duke University.

Areas of Expertise: Ethical, legal and social implications of biosciences and emerging technologies, philosophy, bioethics, neuroethics, neuroscience, genetics

Location: Durham, N.C.


Phone: (919) 613-8514

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