Pablo Bose
Published May 4, 2021

Pablo Bose, a migration and urban studies scholar, is an associate professor of geography and director of the Global and Regional Studies Program at the University of Vermont.

Born in India and raised in Canada, Bose is interested in the ways that people and landscapes shape one another.

His main research projects focus on refugee resettlement in North America and Europe, including why refugees are increasingly settled in small and midsize communities as opposed to large urban centers; environmentally induced displacement; and cities of the Global South.

Bose has published several books, including Refugees in New Destinations and Small Cities: Resettlement in Vermont (2020) and Urbanization in India: Global Indians in the remaking of Kolkata (2015). 

Courtesy of Sally McCay

Expertise: Refugee resettlement, migration, diasporas, environmental displacement

Location: Burlington, Vt.


Phone: 802-656-5717

Heard on WCAX-TV: Vermont refugee settlement numbers expected to increase with Biden administration

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