Paloma Vargas
Published March 7, 2017
Updated April 10, 2021

Paloma Vargas is an assistant professor of biology, director of Hispanic-Serving Institute Initiatives and co-director of ALLIES in STEM at California Lutheran University. She is an expert in microbiology and host-parasite relationships. Her research interests include host-pathogen interactions, spread of infectious diseases, access to higher education and the impact of co-curricular experiences on (BI)POC in higher education.

When she is not teaching, Vargas mentors and recruits underrepresented minority students, particularly those of Latino/a heritage. She is an alumna and active member of the Linton-Poodry Leadership Institute of the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Latinos and Native Americans in Science.

Expertise: Microbiology, cell activity, STEM, infectious diseases, molecular parasitology, access to higher ed for minoritized populations, infectious diseases

Location: Thousand Oaks, Calif.


Phone: (805) 493-3069

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