Pedro Noguera
Published November 13, 2015
Updated April 22, 2021

Pedro Noguera is a sociologist and dean of the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California. He researches ways in which schools are influenced by social and economic conditions as well as by demographic trends in local, regional and global contexts.

Prior to joining USC, Noguera was a distinguished professor of education at the University of California, Los Angeles and founded UCLA’s Center for the Transformation of Schools. Prior to UCLA, he served as a tenured professor and holder of endowed chairs at NYU, Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley.

Noguera has authored, co-author or edited of 15 books, most recently Common Schooling: Conversations About the Tough Questions and Complex Issues Confronting K-12 Education in the United States Today  with Rick Hess and City Schools and the American Dream: The Enduring Promise of Public Education with Esa Syeed.

He serves on numerous boards, including the Economic Policy Institute, the National Equity Project and The Nation, and his editorials on educational issues have appeared in The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe Wall Street JournalThe Dallas Morning News and Los Angeles Times.

Expertise: School reform, community engagement in schools, school violence/discipline, education policy, urban education, youth development, teacher efficacy, parent involvement in schools

Location: Los Angeles, Calif.

Email: or

Office of the Dean Phone: 213-740-8994

Twitter: @PedroANoguera

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