Purna Kashyap
Published August 6, 2015

Purna C. Kashyap is an assistant professor of medicine and physiology at the Mayo Clinic. He studies the complex interactions between gut bacteria and dietary carbohydrates and their influence on host physiological function, such as gastrointestinal motility.

His current research focuses on how gut bacteria influence gastrointestinal physiology by affecting gastrointestinal motility, secretion and sensation. The research aims to develop new biomarkers and microbiota-targeted therapies for treatment of functional gastrointestinal disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome associated with altered gastrointestinal motility. He is also interested in probing microbe-microbe and microbe-host interactions in diseases such as Clostridium difficile colitis and obesity as well as modulation of these interactions by diet.

Expertise: Gastrointestinal disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diabetic gastroparesis, mitochondrial disorders, neurogastroenterology, microbial ecology, gut bacteria

Location: Rochester, Minn.

Email: kashyap.purna@mayo.edu

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Heard on Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s Health Report: Bacteria In Our Gut

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