Richard Yi
Published December 16, 2022

Richard Yi is a professor of psychology at the University of Kansas, where he specializes in addiction studies. Yi analyzes the behavioral and economic approaches that lead to decision and behavioral processes in health. With this focus, he looks at valuation, or the process of determining monetary worth, and dynamic inconsistency, a situation where one’s decision making becomes inconsistent, as factors in addiction and relapse. 

Yi is also the director of the Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment. The center focuses on research, training and outreach efforts to prevent and treat addiction. With the University of Kansas, it offers treatment programs, art-based therapy, and addiction-based clinical services. 

Yi holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and English from Lafayette College, a master’s and Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Stony Brook University, and a postdoctoral degree in medical sciences from the University of Vermont and the University of Arkansas. 

A South Korean man with short Black hair with a black blazer and red tie.

Photo courtesy of Yi

Pronouns: he/him

Expertise: Psychology, addiction studies, addiction treatment, decision-making

Location: Lawrence, Kan.


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