Robin Washington
Published March 20, 2018

Robin Washington is a longtime transportation writer, particularly focused on the evolving technology and social impacts of driverless cars over the past two years, writing for The Boston Globe, WIRED, WGBH and Wisconsin Public Radio. A fellow in science broadcasting journalism at WGBH TV Boston, Washington has lectured at Harvard, MIT, Brown and dozens of other academic institutions, and has been an adjunct faculty member at both Northeastern University and Emerson College. Throughout his career, Washington has appeared on NPR, MSBNC, Fox News, ABC News, CNN and the BBC.

Expertise: Self-driving cars, transportation technology, transportation legislation, civil rights movement, Judaism, Black Judaism

Location: Duluth, Minn., with part-time residence in Massachusetts

Phone: (218) 428-0004


As heard on NPR:

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