Tammy Vigil
Published August 18, 2017
Updated April 20, 2021

Tammy Vigil is an associate professor of communication at Boston University. Vigil’s research looks at political campaigns, persuasion and women as political communicators, and has included analyzing the language used in convention speeches made by presidential nominees’ spouses.

Her most recent books are Moms in Chief: The Rhetoric of Republican Motherhood and the Spouses of Presidential Nominees, 1992-2016 (2019) and Melania & Michelle: First Ladies in a New Era (2019). In her 2015 book Connecting With Constituents: Identification Building and Blocking in Contemporary National Addresses, she examines candidate convention speeches to better understand the relationship between candidate speeches and the way people vote.

Expertise: Campaign rhetoric and speeches, women as political communicators, first ladies, voting behavior

Location: Boston, Mass.

Phone: 617-358-5859

Email: Tvigil@bu.edu

Twitter: @tammyrvigil

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