Titi Shodiya
Published February 18, 2022

Titi Shodiya is an engineer, content creator and scientific auditor. She co-hosts the podcast Dope Labs and mentors women and underrepresented minorities interested or working in STEM fields, and uses storytelling to break down scientific concepts for the public. 

Shodiya’s research interests include nanomaterials, green electric power generation, electronic and photonic materials, materials characterization, thin films, and electrochemistry. 

In Dope Labs, a Spotify Original, Shodiya and co-host Zakiya Whatley talk to scientists about trends and show how science intersects with pop culture. Shodiya also co-hosted two seasons of the podcast Dissect. Season six, in which she analyzed Beyoncé’s Lemonade, was included in The Atlantic‘s 50 best podcasts of 2020

Shodiya earned her bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering and a minor in mathematics from Pennsylvania State University. She received a master’s in electrical and computer engineering and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and materials science from Duke University.

A Black woman with waist-length braids stands before the background of a window showing a street intersection.

Courtesy of Titi Shodiya

Pronouns: She/her

Expertise: Electrical engineering, computer science, materials science, podcasts, science communication, women and underrepresented minorities in STEM

Location: Silver Spring, Md.

Email: hey@titishodiya.com 

Twitter: @Dr_TSho

Instagram: @dr_tsho

Heard on Dope Labs: “Lab 049: The Habit Equation”

Heard on Dissect: “S6E1 – Beyoncé: LEMONADE”

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