Veena Dubal
Published April 13, 2021

Veena Dubal is a law professor at the UC College of Law, San Francisco, and is an expert on the intersection of employment and labor law, technology and work in the precarious gig economy.

Her research covers the impact of digital technologies and emerging legal frameworks on the lives of workers, the influences of law and work on identity and the role of the law in solidarity movements.

She is writing a manuscript — after more than 10 years of ethnographic and historical research — on how decades of shifting technologies and regulations changed the lives and work experiences of ride-hail drivers in San Francisco.

Dubal has been cited by the California Supreme Court and her scholarship has been published in journals including the California Law ReviewWisconsin Law ReviewBerkeley Journal of Empirical and Labor Law and Perspectives on Politics.

Her writing has also been published in The New York TimesThe Guardian and Slate.

Courtesy of Jim Block

Expertise: Employment law, labor law, the gig economy, critical race theory

Location: San Francisco, Calif.


Twitter: @veenadubal

Listen to Veena Dubal discuss California Proposition 22 on Democracy Now!:

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