Yasser Payne
Published March 24, 2021

Yasser Payne is an associate professor of sociology and Black American studies at the University of Delaware whose research focuses on criminal justice. Payne’s ethnographic research has looked at community violence and criminal justice in Delaware and street life in the Harlem borough of New York City

Previously, Payne conducted a research project designed to reduce recidivism, drug use and other risky behavior leading to HIV and AIDS at Rikers Island, New York City’s largest jail.

Additionally, Payne has written on notions of resiliency, racial identity, urban education, hip-hop and the participatory action research approach. 

Courtesy of Yasser Payne

Expertise: Gun violence, criminal justice, education, employment, housing, prison re-entry, and experiences with police, urban education, hip-hop

Location: Newark, Del.

Email: ypayne@udel.edu

Phone (c): (201) 776-5885

You can listen to Dr. Yasser Payne below.

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