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How to develop a strong, sustainable local newsletter

Creating — and sustaining — an editorial email newsletter can be tough. We’ve identified three models that are delivering results in public media.

You made good radio — now make good internet

You’re probably here because you’re about to embark on a new, exciting audio storytelling project. Whether it’s a radio series or podcast, you likely have hours of recording, writing and editing ahead of you. But before you get started — and to make the most of your time — you need to do a little

How to weave audience engagement into your reporting process

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from Kelsey’s 2015 guide, The News Is Served: A practical framework for newsrooms to connect with niche communities. Watch a related webinar and check out her list, Seven Questions For Engaging Stories and Projects. Ah, reporting. The bread-and-butter of the journalistic process. This might feel like we’ve just put

Want to start a newsletter? Read this first

In case you haven’t heard, newsletters are back (and bigger than ever). A regular email is a great way to connect with your audience in a really intimate way — and it might be the first step to turning a casual listener into a super fan. But you shouldn’t start a newsletter without thinking deeply about what you’re trying to

Get a Twitter habit: 5 things to do every day until it sticks

The hardest part to becoming a Twitter regular is developing the habit of using it. Every journalist today should be on Twitter — the excuses are few and the benefits are many. It’s not just a place to share and find stories. You can also use it as an alternative to the news wires and/or to find sources.

Twitter tips for talk shows

Kerri Miller shared her tips and thoughts on using social media in her role as a former host of the now-defunct MPR show, The Daily Circuit. Kerri Miller tweets several times a day asking questions related to her broadcast, about the latest books she’s reading, and more to over 15,000 followers. She said that although it took a while to fit social media into

Use your guests to grow a social media community

If you want to reach more people who care about your work by using social media, leverage the resources you have right in front of you: the guests, institutions and organizations that are featured in your segments. It is a benefit to everyone: the guest’s audiences are probably interested in their work, guests (usually) want to

How to host a Twitter chat

What is a Twitter chat? A Twitter chat is a conversation about a specific topic, usually at a specific time using a planned hashtag. There are annual chats about everything from web journalism to agriculture. Organizations often use Twitter to hold one-time chats about specific topics, have Q&A’s, discuss news series, and much more. Why

How to engage your community with Instagram callouts

The NPR Visuals team has engaged with the smartphone-toting, photo-taking, audience by asking them to share photos around various themes, stories and series on social media. Instagram in particular has been a useful platform for these storytelling projects, NPR Visuals assistant producer Emily Bogle said. Emily shares when to do an Instagram callout, how to plan, carry one out, and many

How to grow a social media community from scratch

I spoke with Kat Chow, a producer with NPR’s Code Switch, about how she helped grow the blog’s social media presence from scratch when it launched in 2013. Think strategically about where to spend your time Code Switch focused a lot on Twitter when they launched because they knew they could have interesting conversations there with a diverse

The nuts and bolts of building a storytelling project on social media

Davar Ardalan is a former NPR producer.   Women from technology fields in Silicon Valley to South Africa live tweeted a day in their lives using the hashtag #NPRWIT in March 2014. The series was a big success, with over 7,900 tweets with the hashtag and millions of impressions, Davar Ardalan wrote in a post in NPR’s daily social media tips newsletter.

7 strategies for engaging your podcast (or show) audience

Editor’s note: Although the advice here is aimed at podcasts, it is equally applicable to shows.  One of the first projects assigned to me as a product intern was to assess audience behavior and levels of engagement with NPR podcasts on social networks. I focused on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, iTunes, reddit and YouTube. The podcasts