Radio → Digital

A hand with a formula written on it is in the foreground in front of a laptop with a test question, implying that the test taker is referencing her hand to get the right answer.

Use this radio-to-web cheat sheet to write for digital with ease

Plenty of broadcast reporters and editors think of digital stories as an afterthought.

For digital, flatten the pyramid and embrace the trapezoid

If you’re wedded to the inverted pyramid (or just don’t know any better), don’t get to the point — end on a flat note. Metaphorically.

6 tips for catching your writing mistakes (and protecting your credibility)

No one is available to read behind you and it’s nearly time to hit “publish.” What do you do? Call on the copy editor within.

How to write short

Just because there’s a lot of online real estate available doesn’t mean every story is appropriate for long-form treatment.

You made good radio — now make good internet

Learn effective, low-lift ways to tell your stories online (without the dreaded “webifying”).

What it looks like when a radio story shines on the internet

People don’t like to read radio scripts that are only slightly modified for web reading. So do better.

Digital inspiration for the stressed-out public radio reporter

We know it isn’t easy to adjust how reporters approach and produce stories. So we talked to a couple stations that are already doing it.

5 principles of web writing

Get to the point, summarize, add details and other tips for the radio-to-digital novice.